Piątek 23 lutego 2024
KONSPIRA Centre of Historical Education | KONSPIRA Restaurant


KONSPIRA is an excellent restaurant with a variety of traditional Polish dishes, served in historical but cosy settings. Besides the tasty Polish cuisine you can try local beers, vodkas or drinks such as orangeade or kvass.

Konspira is an ideal place for a family dinner, to meet with friends, as well as for special events such us company party, birthdays etc. Make sure you ask to see the 'hidden room’ – a clever recreation of what a Polish apartment might have looked like in the mid-80s. Completely unique, worth checking out and worth the bill twice over.

If you are interested in proposal for touristic groups or if you just want to book the table for meeting in a family circle or friend’s company do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone:

rezerwacje.konspira@gmail.com   |   tel. 796 326 600


We welcome you everyday:

monsday – thursday from 12.00 to 22:00

friday – saturday from 12:00 to 23:00

sunday from 12.00 to 22:00


Check out our Menu:








If you are planning some special event and you would like to taste dishes which are not available in our everyday menu let us know. We will adjust the menu to your wishes.